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Biotechnology Students Access the Latest Equipment to Enhance their Practical Skills

On November 17, Biotechnology students and researchers from the DTU Center of Pharmaceutical Engineering attended a presentation by the Phu Sa Genomics Company, introducing two new machines, the VE100 vertical DNA electrophoresis unit and the SPOTCHECK SC48 DNA meter. The two pieces of equipment were donated to the Center and attendees learned all about their features in order to improve the quality of their research projects. 
Sinh viên Công ngh? Sinh h?c Ti?p c?n v?i nhi?u Thi?t b? Hi?n d?i Nâng cao K? nang Th?c hành
The VE100 vertical DNA electrophoresis unit (above) and SPOTCHECK SC48 DNA meter (below)
The Center applies biotechnology, (biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology), techniques in their research, using several types of microorganisms, (bacteria, actinobacteria, fungi), and higher plants, as potential sources of future medicines.
They have recently been isolating samples, evaluating genetic diversity and exploring the bioactivity of samples of micro fungi, microalgae and actinobacteria. The new devices were much needed to provide maximum credibility in their research, offering many new and additional features:
- The VE100 vertical DNA electrophoresis unit comes with four functions: vertical DNA electrophoresis; the automatic detection of gene samples moving in the gel; photographing the samples; and emailing the results back to the operator. This machine is used for electrophoresis, to check samples after gene multiplication. The reaction product, pre-mixed with fluorescent dye, is detected and monitored by the machine throughout the electrophoresis. Negative reaction results are also quickly detected
- The SPOTCHECK SC48 DNA meter quantifies product samples after performing PCR gene multiplication. The gene sample contains fluorescent signals that are detected and amplified depending on the content of the genes.
Sinh viên Công ngh? Sinh h?c Ti?p c?n v?i nhi?u Thi?t b? Hi?n d?i Nâng cao K? nang Th?c hành
Technologists from Phu Sa Genomics present the two new machines
Phu Sa Genomics technologists demonstrated the use the equipment, further information on their operation, with  updates on how Phu Sa Genomics is assisting other end users in Vietnam.
Director of the DTU Center of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Associate Professor Nguyen Huy Thuan, said: “This session has been of significant help to the Biotechnology and Pharmacy students who are preparing their graduation theses at our Center. Participants were updated on the new features of PCR preparations, (EZ PCR Mix and EZ Mix-70), and the specific mixing operations involved in gene multiplication, electrophoresis, sample quantification, and automatic sample imaging. The event will also help DTU staff and students in their teaching and studying activities, as well as in the implementation of new research projects at our university.”
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