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The 2023 DTU Student Ambassador Competition

The 2023 DTU Student Ambassador competition, with the theme "Go Global”, was launched by the HCM Communist Youth Union and the DTU Global Exchange office in February. 
The objective was to promote student activities, raise the spirit of the DTU tradition and culture, and identify candidates to represent DTU in the ASEAN - Korea Youth Network Workshop in Seoul in July 2023. 
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Nguyen Duc Thinh, from K26 PSU DLL2, presents his assigned topic  
 The competition included three rounds: Questionnaire - ASEAN & Korea Understanding; video clip production; and presentation skills. Ten students moved on to the finals on March 25th. Tran Thi Thu Hang and Nguyen Duc Thinh were both voted winners because of their broad general knowledge and English proficiency and will represent DTU at the workshop.
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DTU Vice-Provost, Professor Lim Sang Taek, speaks  
Professor Lim Sang Taek stated: "I would like to thank you for organizing the “2023 DTU Student Ambassador” competition and tell you about the ASEAN Plus Three - ASEAN+3 partnership. It comprises the ten ASEAN member states, the People's Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea. ASEAN+3 was established in 1997, 30 years after the ASEAN community was formed and, over the past two decades, has achieved impressive accomplishments in maintaining peace and development among the East Asian countries.”
“My congratulations go to the 10 finalists. If you win a scholarship to attend the “ASEAN-Korea Youth Network Workshop” in Seoul and Danang in July 2023, you will be able to meet new foreign friends, learn more about ASEAN Indigenous cultures and promote DTU internationally. "
At the finals, competitors gave presentations in English, expressing their opinions on several assigned topics: 
- Will the construction of resorts, marine theme parks and marine tourist attractions affect the marine ecosystem and limit community bathing facilities?
- Should tourism be restricted to preserve the natural landscape? 
- Will tourism development lead to the loss of sacred temples, pagodas and churches?
- Will the increase in ASEAN tourism be a threat to the local tourism workforce?
- What’s Hallyu?
The contestants also answered additional questions, including:
- What are the qualifications needed to be an Ambassador? 
- If you become a DTU Ambassador, how will the “ASEAN-Korea Youth Network Workshop” benefit?
- How do you become a Global Citizen? 
- If you become a DTU Ambassador, what are your short and long-term targets?
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Professor Taek presents the “2023 DTU Student Ambassador” sashes
Tran Thi Thu Hang said: "To prepare for my presentation, I tried to learn more about ASEAN and improve my English. I am delighted to become a 2023 Duy Tan Student Ambassador and thank the organizers for this new experience. As an Ambassador, I am ready to learn how to be more confident communicating with foreigners and participate in more activities to demonstrate the abilities of DTU students around the world”.
Additional prizes included:  
- Best video, to Ho Thi My Linh, from K26 ADP DLK
- Best interview, to Nguyen Ngoc Lan Chi, from K28 VTD
- Best presentation, to Pham Thi Khanh Van, from K26 KEU QTH
- Best English, to Le Thanh Chung, from K27 NAD3 
The 10 finalists will also be able to participate in international ASEAN exchange programs.
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