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Launch of the 2023 “Aspire Dedication - Model Youth” Program

On March 6th, approaching the 92nd anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Standing Committee of the Danang Youth Union worked enthusiastically with DTU to launch the exciting 2023 “Aspire Dedication - Model Youth” emulation program, which provided the ideal environment to nurture the dedication of the Union cadre and younger generation to work in the local community. The theme song was “Be a Winner.”
L? Phát d?ng Chuong trình “Khát v?ng C?ng hi?n - Hình m?u Thanh niên” nam 2023
The Danang Youth Union Secretary, Mr. Nguyen Manh Dung
Attendees included: Deputy Head of the Mass Mobilization Committee of the Danang Party branch, Mr. Tran Viet Phuong; Danang Department of Culture & Sports Deputy-Director, Mr. Ha Vi; Danang Youth Union Secretary, Mr. Nguyen Manh Dung; the Aqua One Group and Song Duong Surface Company Board of Directors; Chairwoman Do Thi Kim “Shark” Lien, Chairwoman of the Green Vietnam Fund; movie director Vu Hong Thang; musician Nguyen Hoang Duy; singer Lona Kieu Loan; DTU Vice-Provost Dr. Vo Thanh Hai; Board representatives from colleges and universities in Danang; Union members and other young people.
“We are living the historic and exciting days of March, with young people in blue shirts engaged in traditional activities on every street and alleyway in Danang,” said Mr. Nguyen Manh Dung. “As we celebrate the 2023 Youth Month, we are looking forward to the 92nd anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. The Standing Committee of the Danang Youth Union has launched an emulation program entitled ‘Aspire Dedication - Model Youth.’ We’ve also been working on a concept which we are finally implementing today, known as the ‘Meaningful Day Movement’. We hope that this theme will not just be limited to the month of March, but will continue throughout our future journey.” 
The movement is intended to promote a positive attitude and lifestyle among Danang youth and will be marked by the announcement of positive deeds, beautiful activities, personal endeavors and hard work in daily studies and work, published under the hashtag #NgayYNghia. 
At the event, the Standing Committee of the Danang Youth Union emphasized five of the twelve vital Model Youth initiatives that all Union members and students in Danang should adhere to:
- Purity of morals
- Endless creativity
- Compliance with the law
- Appropriate skills
- Desire to rise
L? Phát d?ng Chuong trình “Khát v?ng C?ng hi?n - Hình m?u Thanh niên” nam 2023
Ms. “Shark” Lien 
Ms. “Shark” Lien released her new song, ‘Be a Winner’ to Union members, the youth of Danang and elsewhere, which is intended to convince young people not to give up when facing adversity, to always move forward to conquer one’s dreams, and at the same time creating much added value for themselves, for their families and the community. The song was vibrant and stimulating, with positive lyrics based on contributions by Ms. “Shark” Lien herself.
 anh Nguy?n M?nh Dung - Bí thu Thành doàn Tp. Ðà N?ng
Singer Lona Kieu Loan and musician Nguyen Hoang Duy perform ‘Be a Winner’
Actually, Ms. “Shark” Lien conceived the musical project three years ago, during the pandemic, and chose Nguyen Hoang Duy and Khac Trieu to compose the song. She explained that she released the song in Danang because she was greatly impressed by the will and optimism of the Danang, and by Central Vietnam people in general, when she visited for a two-day series of talk shows. “There are storms and floods year after year, but the people here accept them as normal. They’re resilient in the face of difficulties and have the strength to rebuild their lives afterwards. I admire this spirit and I hope that the younger Vietnamese are equally equipped psychologically to face the same challenges throughout their lives too.”
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