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DTU Participates in Danang Startup and Innovation Festival – SURF 2022

On November 25, the municipal Department of Science and Technology opened the 5th Danang Startup and Innovation Festival, SURF 2022. The motto was: “Innovation - Mastering the Future” and eighty booths demonstrated their startup projects, including DTU. 
Khách Tham quan Hào h?ng Tr?i nghi?m Gian hàng DTU t?i SURF 2022
Visitors at the DTU booth 
The SURF 2022 festival featured several events, including an innovation startup exhibition, using the city-developed virtual reality platform, and a contest was also held. The objective was to connect and promote the startup ecosystem, not only in the Central Vietnam and Central Highlands regions but worldwide, to establish Danang as the regional start-up hub. 
The festival booths exhibited such fields as technology, cuisine, travel, transportation, natural beauty products, healthcare, and four seminars were held to discuss start-up issues. The connections established at the festival enabled the eighty startups to access international experts, funding and technology.
Khách Tham quan Hào h?ng Tr?i nghi?m Gian hàng DTU t?i SURF 2022
Lecturers, staff and students at the DTU booth 
DTU displayed products, including: 
- The iRobt, which guides passengers at large, busy airports, speaking Vietnamese and English. The robot was developed by researchers from the DTU Center of Electronics, gives travelers information on their flights and leads them around the terminal to their boarding gates. The project is sponsored jointly by DTU and Danang International Airport
- the eCPR, for cardiopulmonary resuscitation first aid training, and the AED-302 Trainer allow users to develop their basic cardiogenic shock (CS) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills and was designed by researchers from the DTU Center for Visualization & Simulation
Mr. Dang Hoang Hieu from DTU Center for Visualization & Simulation (CVS) said: “At our booth, we overview and demonstrate to visitors the use of the eCPR and the AED-302 Trainer and practice techniques. We stress how important it is for everyone to master vital first-aid treatment with convenient and easy to use equipment like ours. They can then practice with both the eCPR machine and the AED-302 Trainer at the booth. After that, we evaluate their experience and briefly explain our observations to give everyone a better understanding. We discovered that visitors of all ages enjoyed and appreciated the systems and their importance in the community. In particular, DTU Health Sciences students were able to practice with real-life models to hone their skills.”
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