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Returning DTU Students Strictly Obey Covid-19 Prevention Rules

The new term began on February 22nd and the university implemented both online and in-class courses in parallel, to guarantee the safety of students, staff and lecturers. 
Sinh viên Duy Tân Nghiêm túc Phòng d?ch COVID-19 khi tr? l?i tru?ng T?t Tân S?u
Supplies of distilled water and antibacterial soap
From early in the morning, medical staff took temperatures at the entrance and instructed everyone on how to ensure hygienic conditions on all campuses, including antibacterial hand washing and wearing surgical masks.
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost, said: “DTU has strictly obeyed the Ministry of Health’s 5K Covid-19 rules. Everyone has been asked to fill out medical declaration forms on the myDTU portal, to check on their health and whereabouts during Tet. Students who do not come from areas affected by the epidemic can attend normal classes, but those from places still locked-down or isolated, as identified by the Danang City People’s Committee, can currently receive online lectures only. All crowded university activities have been cancelled and National Defense Education postponed for two weeks.”
DTU communicates the Ministry of Health regulations regularly through all channels and safety on campus is guaranteed to ensure peace of mind and an energetic semester.
Sinh viên Duy Tân Nghiêm túc Phòng d?ch COVID-19 khi tr? l?i tru?ng T?t Tân S?u
Students wearing surgical masks
“I was so happy to meet my lecturers and colleagues again after Tet. Although the pandemic is spreading in some provinces, we are not concerned about coming back to DTU, because of the precautionary measures that have been put into place,” said first-year Hospitality & Tourism student Nguyen Thanh Hao.
“Temperatures are taken at the entrance and we are told about the importance of preventing further Covid-19 outbreaks, including the use of distilled water and antibacterial soap and feel completely at ease on our first day back, after a long break.”
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