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The 2020 ASEAN Virtual Entrepreneurship Hackathon Finals

Duy Tan University, in collaboration with the Universitas Islam in Indonesia and the Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, held the 2020 Asean Virtual Entrepreneurship Hackathon. Five teams from Duy Tan University, five from the Universitas Islam Indonesia and two from Temasek Polytechnic participated. Since the launching last August, various activities have been held to help students brainstorm innovative startup ideas and improve their presentation skills. 
Chung k?t Cu?c thi “ASEAN Virtual Entrepreneurship Hackathon 2020”
Vo Thi Tu Vy talks about the “Self-Operated Hotel”
In the final round, 5 teams took turns presenting their projects and answering questions from the jury. The projects the “Self-Operated Hotel” and the “Smart Ordering Robot”, developed by DTU researchers, were ranked fourth and fifth respectively. First prize was awarded to the “Integrated Energy Movement” project from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore; a second went to the "PlusTreat Reverse Vending Machine" from the Universitas Islam in Indonesia; and third to the “Innovative Automatic Sugar Container” from the Universitas Islam in Indonesia.
The "Self-Operated Hotel" startup project was developed by a DTU team, including Pham Van Truong, Nguyen, Thi Cam Van, Truong Minh Xuan Tung, Tran Duc Minh and Vo Thi Tu, to plan a hotel with private relaxation space for special customers with limited lunch breaks, such as students and office workers. The hotel will operate automatically, ensuring an enjoyable stay with absolute confidentiality.
Chung k?t Cu?c thi “ASEAN Virtual Entrepreneurship Hackathon 2020”
The “Self-Operated Hotel” and “Smart Ordering Robot” researchers with staff of the Startup Center
Advancing to the 2020 ASEAN Virtual Entrepreneurship Hackathon finals, the DTU “Smart Ordering Robot” project impressed the jury. Robot waiters are able to take customer orders and are deigned with a large touch screen, showing the menu, prices and photos of food and beverages that customers can easily choose from. All orders are then transmitted to the kitchen online. The robot waiter is programmed to move adroitly, avoiding all obstacles. In addition, it is able to communicate with customers in several foreign languages.
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