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DTU students win in “Perfect Cover Version” Part 9 on HTV7

The Game show of “The Perfect Cover Version” part 9 on HTV7 was on the air on May 3rd. Vo Ngoc Tam, a student from the DTU Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality and Nguyen Doan Trang, a student from the DTU Faculty of Foreign Language completely convinced the jury. They won the first prize, worth 50 million. 
 Ngoc Tam and Doan Trang sing “Marry You” and "Sugar" in the first round of the game show
The “Perfect Cover Version”, allows contestants to sing songs in their own ways. The members of the jury include Director Le Quang Dung, Singer My Tam and an invited jury member.
Doan Trang said “We decided to participate in the casting for the game show to give it a try . We were very surprised and happy to be chosen and had the opportunity to sing songs we love for a jury of famous directors and singers. In the contest, only the two of us are from Danang city, so everything felt strange. The traveling cost  too much. Mr. Tam did not have any acquaintances here. He had to spend much money renting a house and eating. After I was back to Danang, I  had to work hard to catch up with my lessons because I had been off school for two weeks.”   
 The Jury awards the prize to the best candidates 
However, these difficulties did not prevent Ngoc Tam and Doan Trang from pursuing their dream. Ng?c Tâm said: “Thanks to the music consultants and the encouragement and support from our friends and family, we could confidently pursue our passion”.
Ngoc Tam and Doan Trang excellently covered the songs “I Will Marry You” by Bruno Mars and “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and convinced the Jury to enter the second round. 
Doan Trang said “I cried when I learnt the result. At that time, we felt quite comfortable and sang our best because we know we could get the first or second prize.”

For an animated cover of the song “Hahaha”, they received the praise of Director Le Quang Dung. He said     “You surprise me. I adore your voice”. The performance also received many good comments from the Jury and the audience and the whole virtual community.    
Finally, for the first time in the “Perfect Cover Version” program, the first prize was awarded to Ngoc Tram and Doan Trang and another contestant. 
It is known that Ngoc Tram and Doan Trang used to take part in many activities at DTU such as "Be Your Dream”. Besides, they are members of the Singing Club organised by the DTU Center for Arts and Sports . They often sing for DTU’s events. Ngoc Tam is also an exemplary student of the DTU Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality. He actively participated in cheerleading activities and cultural exchange programs with foreign students and got prizes at the university.

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