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DTU Wins the Futsal 2016 Second WIMESH Cup

After a week of lively competition, the “2016 Second WIMESH Futsal Cup” closed with a dramatic finals match between DTU and Dong A University. The match took place on May 14th at the DTU stadium, a 3.5 hectare campus, in the Hoa Khanh Nam ward, in the Lien Chieu district of Danang. Demonstrating their talent and passion on the field, the DTU team won 5–4 to become champions.

The dramatic clash between DTU, in red shirts, and Dong A University

The “WIMESH Cup” is a traditional Futsal competition for men, organized annually by the DMC–579 Danang Center for the Management of Student Dorms. It allows dormitory students the opportunity to meet each other and strengthen friendship and teamwork. This year eleven teams competed from universities around Danang, including DTU, the University of Education, the Danang Architecture University and Dong A University.
The DTU team wins the 2016 Second  WIMESH Futsal Cup

Scoring 23 goals and 13 points in the group stage, the DTU team led group B, entered the knockout stage and had a fierce encounter with the University of Architecture in the semifinals. Their 3–1 victory boosted their confidence and resolve on their way to the Final, where they met Dong A.

With skillful passing, well-executed headers and classic shots at goal, both teams treated the spectators to an exciting match. At fulltime, the score was 2–2, and a penalty shootout was held to determine the final score. The thrilled spectators watched from the sidelines and went wild when DTU finally won 5–4.

Their win demonstrates both the intellectual and the sports prowess of typical DTU students.

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