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Tags: Hackathon 2022

Two Students Create App to Try on Clothes Without Touching and Avoid Online Purchase Blunders

August 14,2022

A project to “try on clothes without touching” by two third-year students won first prize at the “Hackathon 2022 - Hack the Future” contest. The “Hackathon 2022 - Hack the Future” contest, aimed at students of IT or of majors related to economics, business administration, and social sciences and the like, recently took place in Danang (on August 13 and 14)...

DTU Students Win First Prize at Hackathon 2022 with App to “Try On Clothes without Touching”

September 14,2022

Joining hands to solve pressing issues businesses face nowadays, students of different universities brought their novel projects full of potential to the “Hackathon 2022 - Hack The Future” contest. Among them, the project “Graph neural network and computer vision app for the creation of a system to try on clothes on e-commerce platforms” by DTU youngsters won first prize in the final round...