From Jul 29, 2019 to Sep 30, 2019
Duy Tan University, 03 Quang Trung, Đà Nẵng, VIET NAM

My Hanh Restaurant

Lô 18, Sơn Trà, Điện Ngọc, Phước Mỹ , Đà Nẵng, VIET NAM
One address also attracting many visitors to Danang is the My Hanh Restaurant. With its tasty seafood and spacious interior, this restaurant treats its guests to sea-breezes and countless types of seafood from a diverse menu, including lobster, squid, clams, and grouper. Guests can enjoy the unique tastes the dishes and drinks and admire the professional service. Seafood can be selected at the restaurant’s Fresh Seafood Market. Guests at the My Hanh Restaurant can experience a comfortable environment, divided into an air-conditioned room and a garden. Both are beautifully decorated and furnished with long tables, allowing diners to easily find a place for themselves, whether they come as a small, intimate dinner or for a big, boisterous one. This restaurant located on My Khe Beach draws in tourists from far away, as well as locals who all love going there to partake of the exotic, well-balanced special dishes. The My Hanh special dish is a thinly-sliced raw shrimp fillet, wrapped in mustard leaves with wasabi sauce, which both Hanoian and Japanese customers are particularly fond of. The address is Lot 18, Dien Ngoc Phuong Street, in the Son Tra district of Danang. It is 3.8km from Mỹ Hạnh Restaurant to Duy Tan University,
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