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DTU Enrolls for 6 new majors in 2020

Every year, DTU offers more new majors to satisfy new educational requirements. In 2020, these include: 
- Artificial Intelligence 
- Korean 
- Event & Entertainment Management
- Fashion Design
- Automotive Engineering Technology  
- Automation and Control Engineering Technology
Highly-qualified graduates will be increasingly employed to participate in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and international integration.   
Artificial Intelligence - AI
Scientists use AI to create smart, useful machines. DTU has offered IT and Electrical Engineering education for several years and has an outstanding advantage in entering the field of Artificial Intelligence in 2020. Career opportunities will be broadened by teaching about microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital design, embedded systems in computer science, software engineering, big data, probability and optimization, as well as IoT to create software and devices for automation with smart devices. 
Nhóm Nghiên c?u AI c?a ÐH Duy Tân Ch? t?o Robot Ph?c v?
The DTU Robotics group creates a Smart Robot
Recently the DTU Robotics Group has developed a smart robot to act as a guide around the university and work to assist staff in restaurants and hotels, using current technological resources. The robot is equipped with two cameras, an ordinary one, to detect where people are, and a 3D camera to map its workspace. Using a touchscreen, the customer interacts with the robot, views routing information, the menu and prices and then orders food and drinks. The built-in sensors and AI algorithms communicate through simple voice control technology, in several different languages. 
In September 2019, eight thousand South Korean investment projects were in progress in Vietnam, with 170 in Danang. Meanwhile the number of tourists to Vietnam, and Danang in particular, is rising rapidly. 80% of international visitors to Danang are now South Korean or Chinese, making it the most popular destination for South Korean travelers, so the demand for Korean-speaking interpreters, assistants and secretaries is high. 
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân tuy?n sinh 6 ngành h?c m?i 2020
DTU students are becoming more proficient in foreign languages
Korean Language majors will be educated to become fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing and learn about the Korean culture and society, the economy and business, and hospitality, tourism and foreign tour operations, in order to choose their preferred career on graduation.
Event & Entertainment Management
Various types of event and entertainment planning are increasingly in demand, requiring flexible, confident and creative management. As a result, DTU has created a rigorous training program to teach skills in planning, organizing, promoting and evaluating activities such as festivals, conferences, seminars and trade exhibitions, with a knowledge of budgeting, security, event layout and catering options. 
Fashion Design
As new fashion trends in diverse styles and designs evolve, the industry is offering many more career opportunities, demanding artistic creativity, continuous innovation and flair. With an ongoing shortage of eye-catching Vietnamese fashions, the field is now wide open for the creation of new clothing brands. Fashion design has always been of popular interest because of the need to dress attractively, with personality.
Students will be trained in the techniques and machinery to design and produce new fashions. The Vietnamese clothing industry includes a huge number of factories supplying well-known brands all over the world, providing a great new opportunity for enterprising newcomers to make a difference.
Automotive Engineering Technology  
Vietnam now has its own “VinFast” car manufacturer and the Auto Truong Hai assembly lines to supply markets worldwide. As the need for transportation increases, the demand for automotive engineering education is becoming stronger than ever. DTU will teach the basics of material strength, machine principles, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission and a specialized knowledge of internal combustion engines, automotive calculations, automated control systems in cars and new fuels and energy sources. 
Graduates will be ready to manage, design, modify, operate and maintain technical and financial automotive services and work as technologists and product development researchers, teach at universities, research institutes and vocational colleges, work as inspectors in car registration stations or for companies such as Auto Truong Hai, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, VinFast, Hyundai, Suzuki and Mazda.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân tuy?n sinh 6 ngành h?c m?i 2020
State-of-the-art machine systems for Electrical Engineering students
Automation and Control Engineering Technology 
Automation and Control Engineering Technology teaches the management skills needed to pursue technical and supervisory careers in manufacturing operations. Students will be provided with specialized knowledge and skills in fields such as:
Operating automated production lines at factories processing and producing a variety of products;
Controlling self-moving machinery at warehouses, wharves, and airports;
Device control and Automated systems,
Automatizing production and Industrial communication,
Robot manufacturing and control,
Electric systems
Smart supervision. 


- DTU is among Asia's 500 best universities by the QS in 2020.

- DTU is the second university in Vietnam to be ABET accredited.

- DTU is third in the eight Vietnamese universities ranked by URAP

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