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MOET Reviews National Defense Education at DTU


On the morning of May 25, 2009, a MOET investigation team headed by Mr. Le Doan Thuat met with the leaders of DTU to discuss national defense education at the university.

On behalf of DTU, Mr. Trong, Director of the Centre for Physical Education and National Defense gave a detailed report covering activities over the past several years.

Mr. Le Doan Thuat, the delegation leader, reviewed the report and examined documents relating to the training contract between DTU and the Danang Military College.

DTU’s guidelines for teaching national defense and security were discussed and Mr. Thuat observed that, in order to be approved by the MOET, DTU must have a well-prepared plan detailing the curriculum, staff and facilities involved in the program.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Thuat gave a preliminary evaluate of DTU’s national defense education and said: “the university has reviewed a wide range of legal information concerning about national defense and security education, and the teaching staff has reached the required standards”. The evaluation confirmed that DTU had strictly followed the regulations specified by the MOET and it was envisaged that the university would be able to establish its own national defense education program in the near future.


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