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Workshop on “Financial Evaluation of Investment Projects”

April 15,2008

On April 15th , 2008, Duy Tan University and ACCA jointly organized workshop entitled: “Financial Evaluation of Investment Projects” with the paticipation of President Le Cong Co...

Duy Tan University Hold a Exchange Program with Hue University’s College of Education

May 7,2008

On May, 6th, 2008 students from DTU’s Department of Information Technology held a meeting with the Department of Information Technology of Hue University’s College of Education...

October 27,2008

A training course of DB2-Express C

August 19,2008

On the 18th to 19th of August, 2008, Mr Raul F. Chong-the Director of “DB2 on Campus Program” organized successfully the DB2-Express C training class for DTU’s lecturers and staff. This training class has received the attention of 30 lecturers and staff in IT. Speeches presented at the training class included: The DB2 on Campus Program; the role of DB2 in Web 2.0 and in the information on Demand World; Your opportunity: Ten steps to career success. The...

October 27,2008

October 27,2008

October 27,2008

October 27,2008

October 27,2008

An IT course will be offered at Duy Tan University

September 14,2008

From the 2008-2009 school year, an IT course will be offered at Duy Tan University under the agreement with the US Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). This four-year course focuses on software engineering and IT system.     CMU is one of the leading IT universities in USA; the organization which developed the prestigious Capability Maturity Model (CMM) which is widely applied in the world software industry. Upon completing the course, students will be granted internationally...