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DTU Launches Youth Month 2020 and Training to Fight and Prevent Covid-19

March 2,2020

On March 1st, the DTU Union organized an annual event, this year entitled, “The 2020 Youth Month Launch Ceremony and Training to Prevent and Fight Covid-19”, to commemorate the 89th anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union on March 26, prepare for the all-level Party congress and the 13th National Party Congress. 150 Union members and students cleared...

Covid-19 Prevention as DTU Goes Back to School

March 3,2020

After more than a month of Tet holidays and another month’s shutdown for Covid-19 prevention, DTU students returned to school on March 2 to start a new term. Despite concerns about the disease, which is not yet under control in many countries, people are less worried now that the sixteen previous patients in Vietnam have fully recovered already and been discharged from hospital...

A young woman student from DTU wants to help people quarantined in camps by the coronavirus outbreak

March 12,2020

This story originated on the mother’s post: “I have many children and she is my only daughter, a fifth-year medical student, who’s been staying at home because DTU has been closed to prevent the potential spread of the Covid-19 disease. However, she wanted to volunteer to help people now quarantined in camps...

Will our lives be different after Covid-19?

April 20,2020

We have just finished the lockdown. A few of us disregarded the self-isolation rules and still went out, exercised in parks, drank together and raced on bicycles. Naturally anyone forced with staying at stay at home feels upset, however, I now want to discuss the future lives of those who complied with the social restrictions and those who did not. One thing we know for certain is that our lives have been turned upside-down...

Thoughts on Vietnamese Psyche after Covid-19

April 23,2020

We cannot just hope to return to a peaceful life after the pandemic, because life was never truly peaceful before. More importantly, the pandemic is unprecedented and the psyche of Vietnam and other nations has been transformed in two ways. Firstly, there is the emergence of new trauma, such as increased feelings of powerlessness and loneliness and, secondly, it marks the beginning of rethinking many things that previously...

DTU students resume school after prolonged COVID-19 break

May 4,2020

On May 4, DTU students returned to school and resumed their studies after a long absence to prevent Covid-19 transmission. Students and teachers are now required have their temperatures checked at the entrance, wear face masks and wash hands regularly as preventative measures. Duong Thi Phuong Huyen (in white blouse), from K25 YDH2 (Pharmacy)...

DTU-Vent Version 3.0 to Treat Covid-19

August 7,2020

With their two initial versions, the DTU research group acquired the experience necessary to continue improving their DTU-Vent ventilator to version 3.0 with all the functionality of a professional medical ventilator, meeting the requirements for use in emergencies and to treat Covid-19 patients...

November 22,2020

A Doctor’s Only Mission is Saving People’s Lives

January 9,2021

During the Covid-19 pandemic and way into the future, a doctor’s mission never changes, it is to save people’s lives. That was repeated by Do The Bon, a GP student at DTU. In November 2000, Bon won first prize in a medical scholarship contest organized by the Ministries of Health and of Education & Training in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)...

DTU Develops X-Ray and CT App for Covid-19 Detection

April 29,2021

Seeing how people’s health was so severely impacted in the initial days of virus infestation in Vietnam, Dr. Duong Tuan Linh, a DTU researcher, proposed an application built on artificial intelligence to diagnose Covid-19. With previous experience in the EfficientNet convolutional deep neural network project, he collected X-ray and CT images and developed a work plan...